Skipping the embarrassing parts . . .

I’m learning to be increasingly comfortable with the embarrassing bits of Scripture because they teach me a lesson that I struggle to hear, that of grace.

Built to fail

The church is not an organization that is built to eventually fail. In fact, when Jesus gave us our mission of making disciples, he also told us that he would be with us as we do it. Jesus began it, Jesus sustains it, and Jesus will complete what he started.

Shame on you . . .

This realization will displace shame wherever it is found. Like spiritual chemotherapy, the Gospel goes on a seek-and-destroy mission against shame.

For that I am grateful.

On the singing of old hymns

At the risk of sounding like a curmudgeon, I have to say that sometimes I miss the old hymns in our worship. I do not miss how the hymns were executed, but I do miss the lyrics.

Actual vs Aspirational

So while what we are singing may not describe what is actually true of us in the moment, it can be an accurate description of our desire. Our voice can express what is aspirational even though it may not be wholly or even partially true in the moment.

Assent versus Action

For now, I will continue to have a gap between my assent and my action, but it will not always be so.

One day, Jesus will return or I will go to meet him and all will be put to right. The gap will be eliminated. Assent and action will be simultaneous.

What a relief that will be.

Compassion and Conversion

Both the theology of compassion and the theology of conversion need to be operational for effective ministry to take place.