Failure: The Unintended Consequence of Success

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The writer of Hebrews demonstrated faith in action by highlighting the life of faithful men and women throughout biblical history. The famous “faith hall of fame,” otherwise known as chapter 11, is full of great faith stories like Abraham and Moses. But it also includes a list of names, stories that the author didn’t have […]

No basis for discourse


We seem to have gotten to the point in our society where we can no longer have civil discourse. If someone makes a claim for truth, rather than take on his arguments and present counter arguments, it is much easier to just label his opinion as hateful and thereby wrong. It is easier to discredit the messenger than to respond to the message.

12 Signs of a Controlling Church Pastor


I don’t often do blog re-posts, but this is one I have to pass on. Below are the first six signs as related by Jose Bosque in the article of the title “12 Signs of a Controlling Church Pastor” with a link for you to read the other six.

Christianity Boosts Education, Quality of Life in Asian Countries

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This is a guest post by Sarah Brooks whose biographical information appears in the author box below this post. If you would like to provide a guest post to Attempts at Honesty, please see the guest post guidelinesĀ and contact me if you are interested in providing a post. Sarah Writes Although often considered a primarily […]

Tim Keller on the Gospel

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It is quite easy to assume that if we understand the gospel accurately and preach it faithfully, our ministry will necessarily be shaped by it. – but this is not true. Many churches subscribe to gospel doctrines but do not have a ministry that is shaped by, centered on, and empowered through the gospel. Its […]

The fight against inanity

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The struggle I have is that the church can be just as unthinking and un-engaged as the people the author describes in the article. In the church, we have real answers to real questions, but too often the church is the last place where people feel comfortable asking those questions.