The fight against inanity

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The struggle I have is that the church can be just as unthinking and un-engaged as the people the author describes in the article. In the church, we have real answers to real questions, but too often the church is the last place where people feel comfortable asking those questions.

It has the ring of truth . . .

Ring of Truth

One of the things I enjoy about reading the Bible is how real the characters are. With the exception of Daniel and Jesus, we read stories of men and women who were seriously flawed but were used by God to bring about his will for humanity.

Ladd on the cares of this age

George Eldon Ladd

. . . it is the character of This Age to choke the working of the Word of God. The spirit of the Age is hostile to the Gospel.

Share your favorite Bible Verse


by In the spirit of testing out the new commenting system, I thought I would challenge the readers of Attempts at Honesty to use the comment system to share their favorite Bible verse (you can have more than one). Please leave a comment in the box below that tells us your favorite verse and why […]

Livefyre Comment System on Attempts at Honesty


Most of the time the changes I make to Attempts at Honesty are minor ones that (to my knowledge) don’t affect the user experience very much. This week I made a change that might be an exception to this. I transitioned from the native Wordpress comment system to using the Lifefyre comment system.

Which are wheat and which are tares?

Wheat and Tares

My experience is that sometimes there are people who have come to faith in such a gradual way, that it may be difficult to distinguish wheat from tares. What if the delay is not to only protect the wheat but to allow the harvesters to more accurately identify the tares.