Spiritual CPR – No Insurance Required


What is important is that I had it ALL. I had been a practicing Christian since my youth. My faith was growing. My relationship with God was solid. I had a great income. My children, though typical teenagers, were doing well. All the boxes were checked. Life was sweet UNTIL a mistake at work was made on my watch. The bottom fell out of my life. My heart figuratively stopped beating and God began to perform Spiritual CPR in order to save my life.

Tune my heart . . .


It is precisely because Jesus died and rose again that I can have hope to be other than I am. For what could I pray if there was no hope that my sin has been conquered? For what could I pray if Jesus did not rise and demonstrate that sin and death are vanquished? What hope have I without the Cross and the empty tomb?

Why do you call me good?

Why do you call me good

The man just teed it up for Jesus to give him a list of what he needs to do. It was a perfect opportunity to tell the man all he needed to know about eternal life and how to get it. The man left the door wide open for Jesus to give him the list.