Four reasons for division in the church


In a previous post, I outlined the problem of division in the church. Today I seek to discuss the reasons why it takes place. I can think of four reasons why church leaders cause division over non-essentials: pride, misunderstanding, insecurity and idolatry.

Division vs. Diversity in the Church


I’ve been thinking about my post of 5 days ago regarding division in the church and feel the need to clarify something. Unity in the church does not equate to uniformity. We should not all look the same inside the church because the people in the culture around us are not all the same. Within the bounds of correct belief and practice is the opportunity for diversity.

Links to consider and share – 8/26/2014


Links gathered in the last week that you might interesting or helpful.

What bloggers like


I realize that everyone is busy. I also realize that not every post requires a comment. But if a post stimulates a thought, take a few moments and wrote a comment which expresses that thought. The post writer will appreciate it and any subsequent readers will be better for it.

The Bible App Project

Bible App Project

There are plenty of Bible apps already out there, and some very cool ones I might add. However we’re going to provide something a little different and provide a different spin on them. Among the different types of apps we’ll have are prayer tools and games. We feel like the mobile app community is lacking some powerful religious apps. The mobile world is growing larger each day and we don’t want religion to get left out!

On division in the church


The point I take from these verses is that we need to exercise caution when deciding to make ourselves distinct from the churches around us. If we are to be distinct, it is to be in our commitment to preaching and living out the gospel, a distinction that we should be happy to observe in the other churches around us. Any other distinction brings division rather than unity.