Some links to consider – 8/19/2014


Some links to articles I found interesting or helpful.

Question on Hebrews 6


Recently, a friend emailed a question that came up in a small group Bible study regarding Hebrews 6. There was question about whether Hebrews 6 teaches that a person can lose his/her salvation. This post contains my response to the question.

On dealing with toxic people

Toxic Thumbnail

While it is important to put up healthy boundaries, and limit your exposure to toxic people, it is unlikely that you can avoid them entirely. What then are we to do? Jesus gives us some advice in Luke 6:27–28.

Thy kingdom come . . .

Kingdom Come

I doubt that I have ever done a truly selfless act in my life. My actions fall into the range of slightly selfless to fully selfish. I don’t want it to be that way, I pray that it wouldn’t be that way, but it is what it is. When I recite prayers from Scripture and […]

Some links to consider – 8/13/2014


Most of the stuff I read on the internet I get through RSS subscriptions and I scan through that list using Feedly. When I find an article or post that I like, I often will post links to that article on social media. I’m rethinking that strategy and will occasionally post a list of articles that speak to the issues that the church is facing, theological discussion or other topics that could be helpful to the readers of Attempts at Honesty. This is the first such post.

On megachurch pastors and failure

Mars Hill Church

The problem I see in society is that we have a celebrity culture which ascribes superhuman status to the lucky (or unlucky depending on your perspective) few who have been deemed celebrities. Celebrities can do no wrong and they always seem to get the benefit of the doubt.