Archives for March 2012

Faithfulness – The currency of God’s economy

God has called us to faithfulness and to leave the results in his hands. King Saul provides an example of one who did not understand this.

Truth Whack-A-Mole – Follow-up to a comment

A question was raised in a comment on a previous post called Truth Whack-A-Mole. This post is in response to the comment.

Speed dialing with no signal – Dealing with frustration in prayer

Recent frustration in prayer seemed to be described in a U2 lyric which speaks of “speed dialing with no signal” What is the solution? Read on for some thoughts on reducing the frustration.

One flesh and inseparable – does your church view marriage this way?

When the divorce rate in the church is little different than in society in general, we must be honest about how well we support marriage. Church leadership has the responsibility to not allow ministry to be a cause of division in a marriage.

Grumbling, grace and edification

When things are not to our liking, it is easy to develop a grumbling spirit. Recently two verses warned me against this; I share them here.

Hypothesis, research and faith

The difference between science and faith is not one of method. The difference is what data are allowed to be considered. You may disagree with the presuppositions, but Christian thinkers follow the same methods of investigation and analysis that scientists follow.

Getting caught in the blame game – Part 2

If evolution is true on what basis do we blame others? Where does the need to blame come from? This post is part 2 of a 2 part series.