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A follower of Jesus Christ who shares observations about how Scripture should impact the church and the world. Mark is the original author and editor of Attempts at Honesty.

Longing for a home I’ve never seen, Part 2

Lion and Lamb

In the internet age there is so much information flying around that a news source has to be extremely sensational to get any attention. The easiest stories to sensationalize are negative ones, ones that show mankind at its worst. Wars, shootings, traffic fatalities, child neglect and abuse, government failure and general stupidity are regularly featured.

Luther on trouble in the Church

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Ministers of the Word, therefore, if they would be counted faithful and prudent on the Day of Christ, out to be very sure that St. Paul did not speak empty words or prophesy of a thing of nought, when he said: “There must be heresies among you, that they which are approved may be made […]

Some links to consider – 8/19/2014


Some links to articles I found interesting or helpful.

Question on Hebrews 6


Recently, a friend emailed a question that came up in a small group Bible study regarding Hebrews 6. There was question about whether Hebrews 6 teaches that a person can lose his/her salvation. This post contains my response to the question.

On dealing with toxic people

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While it is important to put up healthy boundaries, and limit your exposure to toxic people, it is unlikely that you can avoid them entirely. What then are we to do? Jesus gives us some advice in Luke 6:27–28.

Thy kingdom come . . .

Kingdom Come

I doubt that I have ever done a truly selfless act in my life. My actions fall into the range of slightly selfless to fully selfish. I don’t want it to be that way, I pray that it wouldn’t be that way, but it is what it is. When I recite prayers from Scripture and […]