Already Compromised – What You Should Know About Educating Your Child

The Opportunity I have seen some students emerge from Christian colleges with a passion to live for Jesus Christ. I have seen others come away from their learning experience discouraged and disillusioned about their faith. As a result of this, when given an opportunity to read Already Compromised on the condition that I do a […]

Lightning Bugs, Smiles and a Loving Creator

lightning bugs

I woke up early this morning and looked out the window. The lightning bugs (fireflies for those of you who live outside of Pennsylvania) were putting on a spectacular show. There were more flashes than a Super Bowl halftime show, without the old guys singing or wardrobe malfunctions. I am thankful that our Creator made […]

An Unholy Alliance: Pharisees and Herodians

An Unholy Alliance We are moving toward a presidential election year in the United States. As a result, the political pundits are ramping up their efforts to develop a market for their predictions. With this backdrop, when I read Mark this morning, Mark 3:6 grabbed my attention. In this verse there is a simple statement […]