Thoughts on death prompted by my dog

I understand that the decline and death of a dog is not a major event in the larger scheme of things. But, our 10 year old golden retriever is having health issues and it is difficult to watch. Compared to the loss of a spouse, parent, sibling or child, this is a very small hurt, but a real one none-the-less.

The temptation of anger in response to militant atheism

The temptation to respond in anger to militant atheism is strong. We should keep several Scriptural principles in mind when atheism strikes.

A lesson learned about puppies and prayer

While waiting for our puppy to settle in her crate, I learned that rather than getting impatient, I should take the time for prayer.

Muddy Waters, Mercy and the Fifth Beatitude

The fifth Beatitude tells us that those who are merciful will receive mercy. At first reading this sounds right to us. If you do good to others they will do good to you. It seem natural, like the popular concept of karma. Yet we see that this does not always hold true. How then should we understand this Beatitude?

Why I Hate Religion – Reaction to a Reaction

A poem recorded on video entitled “Why I Hate Religion” has become very popular on YouTube. The video is well done and asks some important questions. A response to the video by Kevin DeYoung sparks some dialog about some points made in the poem. Watch the video, read Kevin DeYoung’s response and offer comment on this post. But most of all examine the claims of Jesus Christ.

On wineskins, graves, garlic, leeks and onions

When a new work is started, the newness brings with it a level of discomfort. We often refer to the old system as tried-and-true, even if the results were less than optimal. The danger is that the new work will be hobbled by those who are determined to force the new work into the old pattern. I have seen this tendency in industry and I’ve seen it in the church.

Grace, Truth and Difficult People

We all have had to deal with difficult people at one time or another. In the midst of the difficulty we are called to love the difficult person. We need to interact with that person with both grace and truth. Jesus is our example on how to maintain this balance.