They don’t even know how to blush – responding to a lack of shame

A recent ruling in Indiana held that sexually graphic pictures posted by school girls on Facebook are considered constitutionally protected speech. As a result, their school could not submit them to discipline for the photos. The case was decided in court because the ACLU represented the girls to appeal the discipline that he school implemented […]

A Reaction to a comment by Bill Maher in Transcendent Man

Bill Maher

A friend of mine, @jimworth, invited me to view a panel discussion featuring Ray Kurzweil which was entitled “Transcendent Man.” The subject of the discussion was Mr. Kurzweil’s documentary of the same title. As part of the panel discussion, a clip of comments by Bill Maher was included. In the clip, Mr. Maher made the […]

The Apostle Paul as a Pulling Guard

Pulling Guard

It is nearing the end of summer and soon we will have football. One of the fundamental aspects of American football is the running game. A key to a good running game is blocking. The runner must have players to go in front of him to keep the defenders away. The picture shows a guard, […]