Play nicely with your fellow citizens

“So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the saints, and are of God’s household,” (Ephesians 2:19, NASB)

Too often I have experienced situations, even in good churches, where people lose sight of the fact that the person in the next pew is a fellow citizen, with the same access to God. True, I’ve seen this more in unhealthy churches, but unfortunately, it can happen in any church.

It usually happens when one thinks himself of more value or superior in some way. It could be because of education, or length of service in the church. It could be because of a sordid background. Pride can find a million reasons to look down on another person. This should have no place in the church of Jesus Christ.

Divided Church Citizens

The antidote is to keep in mind that Jesus tells us that the one who wants to be first has to be the servant of all (Mark 9:35). Oh, and that whole beam and speck thing should be remembered also. What can you see in your fellow church member that isn’t a problem in your own heart?

Jesus has no tolerance for pride. Pride is always destructive and is the chief sin and chief tool of the Enemy.

Whether you are a leader or a follower, whether you are a teacher or a student, whether you are a shepherd or a sheep, this should be kept in mind: We’re all equal at the foot of the Cross. What do you have of eternal value that was not given to you? If you cannot earn your spiritual standing, what is there to be proud about?

So play nicely with that saint in the next pew, you will likely get to spend eternity with him.

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About Mark McIntyre

A follower of Jesus Christ who shares observations about how Scripture should impact the church and the world. Mark is the original author and editor of Attempts at Honesty.

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3 years 5 months ago
Hi mark. enjoyed reading your blog, i think its awesome. your message is reaching even those that are very far- Kenya. thank you for reminding us to be Love our Neighbors, which even according to God is very important as seen in the commandments. Personally, i have learn that every one is so very special in Gods eyes and that he loves us all the same- same measure of love at an individual level, all at the same time to all the people of the world, which i think is awesome :). This has helped me to value people and… Read more »
Karen Williams Maag
3 years 5 months ago

I see this often in my own church and it makes me sad. I wonder if there are those that use their church as a social gathering, to see and be seen. I have enough trouble keeping myself following God’s path without worrying about the motive of others.