My god is too small

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My problem is a belief problem. What I truly believe is indicated by my actions and when I observe my behavior, I must confess that my god is too small.

What is that to you? – A lesson from C. S. Lewis

The Weight of Glory

C. S. Lewis provides a question to help us to know our boundaries and learn when to rely on God to handle a difficult situation. That question is, “what is that to you?”

Numbering our days: a reflection on Psalm 90

Number our days

In Psalm 90, the psalmist prays that we might learn to number our days. Is this a call to get busy or is there some other meaning? How should we understand this prayer?

You reap what you sow – values and the criminal element

Apple with worm hole

A Chicago politician appeals to the values of gang members in his city in response to the accidental shooting of a 7 year old girl. Why? On what basis would this appeal be effective?

What you build and how you build it matters to God

Build Stone Wall

With 60% of young people walking away from the church, we must evaluate the foundation on which we build and how well we build upon it. The eternal destiny of the next generation is at stake and we cannot afford to continue with such a high failure rate. We must do better.

Rev. Emily C. Heath: Jesus, Bullies on the Bus and the Rest of Us

No Bullies

Rev. Heath published a piece in the Huffington Post which purports to give a Christian response to bullies. I have two points of challenge for Rev. Heath. One based on something she didn’t say and one based on something she did say.