The Light that can be found – reflections on a lyric by 3 Doors Down

The comparison of light and darkness in a 3 Doors Down lyric caught my ear. Can the light be found? What does the Bible say?

Toward the conquest of fear

A famous quotation of FDR tells us that we have nothing to fear except fear itself. Does the Bible support this? Can I live without fear? If so, how?

The Illusion of Security Apart from Christ

Security is Elusive   It is in the best interest of politicians and merchants to maintain the illusion of security. They tell us that if we elect the right person or party into office, if we invest properly, if we follow the prescribed diet, if, if, if . . . then we will experience security. […]

The Fellowship of the Obtuse

I am comforted that the men who God used to turn the world upside down had moments when they just did not get it. They, at times, were just as obtuse and blind as I often am.