An open letter to NBC – No more “America’s Got Talent” for me, thank-you

NBC LogoI watch very little television, so in thinking about how we can cut our monthly bills, I have been considering dropping my cable service. My family and I decided to postpone the decision because there are some things on TV that are worth watching and it can be a good diversion.

Monday evening I sat down with my wife and daughter to watch America’s Got Talent on NBC. The talent show is a staple of every high school and most of the time they are quite fun. So how bad could it be?

During the show, it was uplifting to hear some of the stories of people trying to make a new start by marketing a skill that they have developed. Many of the contestants are very talented. Some are really untalented but don’t know it. A few of the acts are like watching a train wreck happen, you know it’s going to be really bad, but you can’t stop watching.

Then there was the final act in last night’s show. I knew we were in trouble when the MC commented on the smell of baby oil as four body builder types waked out on the stage. Their “talent” turned out to be a male stripper routine containing simulated sex acts and self groping. We could not change the channel fast enough.

NBC, if this is what you consider “family” entertainment, then I must say no thank you for my share. You’ve pushed me closer to removing television from my home entirely.

This really is a shame because much of the show was uplifting. But no amount of prior uplifting material could make up for the raunchiness at the end.

Even if I do not disconnect my service, AGT will not be viewed in my house moving forward. NBC has proved that they cannot be trusted to determine what is appropriate for me or my family.