Churches for Apologetics – Please sign the petition

CAA LogoImagine an army that never trained and was poorly equipped. Without training, the soldiers would not know how to use the weapons in their possession  Such an army would be decimated by the enemy.

Or, imagine a football team whose training table consisted entirely of Twinkies, Ding Dongs, and other junk food. Instead of lifting weights they play video games. Instead of watching game film, they watch soap operas. This is not a team that will gain anything except a larger waist.

In the same way, for the Church to accomplish her mission, we need to train our people to understand and defend their faith. We need to be able to explain to our children not only what we believe but on what basis we believe it.

To encourage us in this endeavor, the Christian Apologetics Alliance has produced a petition. I encourage those who are committed to building up the church, defending their faith and willing to teach others to do so, to sign the petition.

Knowing that two thirds of our children leave the church, many to never return, the importance of this work should be obvious. There are many churches who struggle to know what they believe and what comes from those pulpits is the verbal equivalent of pureed peas. It is no wonder that children raised in this environment reject the nonsense that they’ve been taught.

But I have seen teens who have grown up in solid churches where the Gospel is clearly taught from the pulpit also walk away. While training them and their parents about what we believe and why would not prevent all these departures, I wonder if many or even most of them could be avoided.

We have good reason to believe as we do. The arguments used by the “new” atheists can be answered. We need to do a better job of knowing and teaching those answers.

To read and sign the petition, click on the CAA logo in this post or click on this link.