No wax fruit

I have a pear tree, an apple tree, and a cherry tree in my yard. If they were not producing fruit, I could go out and buy a bunch of wax apples, cherries and pears and hang them on the trees. This would make the trees look productive to those passing by, but wouldn’t fool anyone who took the time to take a closer look.

New is always better?

One thing that I have noticed in those who are pushing for what they call progress, is that they are usually tolerant of anything new and intolerant of anyone who questions their new idea. For the sake of this discussion I will call them progressives. I have encountered progressives in the political realm and I … Read more

Easter Greetings 2021

It has been nearly two whole months since I’ve posted. I hope that this note finds you well and I also hope that you have been encouraged by your celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The short reason I haven’t written in a while is that I felt like I had nothing to say … Read more