Westminster Shorter Catechism Series

I am working on a series of posts that look at the questions and answers in the Westminster Shorter Catechism. A list of the posts is shown below:

Introduction – 107 Days with the Westminster Divines

Question 1 – The Primary Purpose of Man

Question 2 – The authority that God has given

Question 3 – What does the Bible primarily teach?

Question 4 – What is God?

Question 5 – Is there more than one God?

Question 6 – How many persons are in the one God?

Question 7 – What are the decrees of God?

Question 8 – How does God carry out His decrees?

Question 9 – What is creation?

Question 10 – How did God create man?

Question 11 – What is God’s providence?

Question 12 – What did God’s providence do for man whom He created?

Question 13 – Did our first parents remain as they were created?

Question 14 – What is sin?

Question 15 – By what sin?

Question 16 – Did all mankind fall?

Question 17 – What happened to man in the fall?

Question 18 – What is sinful about man’s fallen condition?

Question 19 – What is the misery of man’s fallen condition?

Question 20 – Did God leave all mankind to die in sin and misery?

Question 21 – Who is the Redeemer of God’s Elect?

Question 22 – How did Christ, the Son of God, become man?

Question 23 – What offices does Christ fill as our Redeemer?

Question 24 – How does Christ fill the office of a prophet?

Question 25 – How does Christ fill the office of a priest?

Question 26 – How does Christ fill the office of a king?