Martyn Lloyd-Jones on COVID-19?

I read this paragraph by Martyn Lloyd-Jones which was originally published in 1953. I couldn’t help but think that what Lloyd-Jones has written speaks to the current crisis caused by COVID-19. Let us not therefore be stumbled when we see surprising things happening in the world. Rather let us ask, ‘What is the relevance of … Read more

A Challenge from Os

I was challenged by this paragraph and thought I would share it: The faith-world of John Wesley, Jonathan Edwards, John Jay, William Wilberforce, Hannah More, Lord Shaftsbury, Catherine Booth, Hudson Taylor, D. L. Moody, Charles Spurgeon, Oswald Chambers, Andrew Murray, Carl Henry, and John Stott is disapearing. In its place a new evangelicalism is arriving … Read more

Os Guinness on Progressivism

Going Up

In some churches, the words tradition or traditional are used in a pejorative sense. Anything that smacks of tradition is considered harmful to the desire to grow a large church. And since bigger is always better, tradition cannot be good.

Theology vs. Experience?

There are some who would downplay theology and doctrine in favor of renewed experience of the power of God. “It’s not about doctrine” is a phrase that I’ve heard a few times within Christian circles. I found this quote from Tim Keller helpful when thinking about theology vs. experience: “We are not called to choose … Read more

On the pursuit of relevance


So while I think there is nothing inherently wrong with wailing guitar solos and smoke machines as part of the worship experience, perhaps we should pump the brakes on the drive to make worship like a rock concert and the sermon like a motivational seminar.

Randy Pope on a Healthy Church

My 50 or so years of church experience has shown me that most churches either have no plan to bring people into maturity or if they do have a plan it is not very effective. This is a shame and there is no good excuse for it.