Not a bad epitaph

I have heard it suggested that it is a profitable exercise to write out what one wants on his tombstone and then live the rest of his life making it true. In the spirit of this suggestion, I would like to be described like Noah in Genesis 6:9. In that verse, there are three statements … Read more

Actions speak louder than words

“Actions speak louder than words” is a proverb whose over use sometimes masks the truth it contains. I read in Genesis 15:6, that Abram (soon to be Abraham) “believed the LORD, and he counted it to him as righteousness.” In Habakkuk 2:4, it says, “righteous shall live by his faith.” All through Scripture we find … Read more

Kicked out for our own good

Growing up, when I read in Genesis Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden, I always viewed this as a punitive action. I thought that our first parents were being punished for their sin. This morning, as I read this passage, I noticed that the goal in expelling them from the Garden was to … Read more