Mr. Miyagi’s Little Trees


It starts with seeking God in the deep places and growing down. The upward growth will happen almost on its own. We need to seek deeper roots in our own lives, in small clusters of believers who want more, and little by little in the way we think and talk and value things as entire congregations and as the global Church.

Out-Live, Out-Last, Out-Love

We didn’t make up our foundational belief about a murdered Galilean rising from the dead. We didn’t make up the stuff about His promise to return on a white horse, riding on a cloud. We also didn’t make up the stuff about how we should live.

Spiritual CPR – No Insurance Required


What is important is that I had it ALL. I had been a practicing Christian since my youth. My faith was growing. My relationship with God was solid. I had a great income. My children, though typical teenagers, were doing well. All the boxes were checked. Life was sweet UNTIL a mistake at work was made on my watch. The bottom fell out of my life. My heart figuratively stopped beating and God began to perform Spiritual CPR in order to save my life.

The Bible App Project

Bible App Project

There are plenty of Bible apps already out there, and some very cool ones I might add. However we’re going to provide something a little different and provide a different spin on them. Among the different types of apps we’ll have are prayer tools and games. We feel like the mobile app community is lacking some powerful religious apps. The mobile world is growing larger each day and we don’t want religion to get left out!