What Matthew 6 teaches me about worry and ministry

This is the 26th post in the Sermon on the Mount Series.

WorryI have often read the admonition against worry that is found in Matthew 6:25-34. I understand that I should not worry about whether I will eat, what I will wear or where I will live. Jesus tells me that God is big enough to provide for my material needs.

But it dawned on me this morning that these verses reach deeper into my being than a first reading might indicate.

What hit me was that whether the need is material, emotional or spiritual, I should not doubt God’s ability to provide for that need.

OK, so what does this have to do with ministry?

The AHA! comes with the realization that ministry is one of the spheres in which this principle applies. I have sometimes wondered if I am doing enough to fulfill my stewardship in ministry. I have sometimes felt pressured that I should be doing more.

This pressure takes the form of studying harder, attending more events, filling more ministry slots, etc.

None of these are bad things, but if I am doing them without a sense of call or without a sense that God is the one who actually does anything of eternal value, then I am taking on more than I ought.

With all of these things, if I am worrying or wondering if I am doing enough, I am likely to be taking on responsibility that is not mine.

Worry does not become a virtue just because the worry is over ministry responsibilities.

Just sayin’ . . .