A Qualification of Yesterday’s Post

A Tweet in reaction to yesterday’s post made it apparent that I need to provide a qualification to some of my comments in the post.

Here is the Tweet:

QualfificationIn the post, I had no intention of denigrating short term missions. There is much good that comes from individuals and teams working on projects away from home.

But such work needs to be done with wisdom and coaching from people who understand the context where the mission is to take place.

Probably the best way to do this is to partner with an individual or organization that is already at the location where the ministry is to happen. Those that are already there have a better understanding of the need, and they will be there to follow up and provide continuity of the good things that take place during the short term project.

Short term missions projects are great, if they are done in a way that is truly beneficial to the recipients of the ministry. That benefit has to be viewed from a long-term or eternal perspective. Will the good work that is done provide lasting benefit to the community in which it is done?

That is the important question.