Discussion question – How do you avoid information overload?

Question MarkFor 21st Century humans it may be hard to envision a time when it was costly and difficult to obtain reading material. We have such a great volume of information and study resources at our fingertips on the internet and in ebook form. There are many excellent writers on the internet who are worth reading.

Add to all of this the constant barrage of television news and talk radio (Christian, sports and political). Podcasts and streaming audio are also sources of input. All of these are in addition to traditional paper books and magazines; many of us have a stack or two of books that we are planning to read one of these days.

With all of these sources of information, the volume can quickly become overwhelming. This is especially true for those of us who have day jobs which limit our reading / listening / watching time.

The question I want to pose to you is how do you handle the volume of material that comes your way? What automation tools such as an RSS reader do you use? What do you do to manage your Twitter stream if you use Twitter?  Do you follow particular bloggers or do you just check in once in a while?

How do you deal with the volume of information that comes your way every day? Please post your ideas in the comment section below. I look forward to hearing your ideas on how to avoid information overload.