Book Review: The Sky Is Not Falling by Charles Colson

Book CoverReview

I must say that I’ve had a difficult time writing a review for this book. Not because I didn’t like it (I did like it), not because it isn’t worth reading (it is), but because there are many facets to the critique of 21st Century American and how the Church responds to it.

Mr. Colson makes a good case that if the church would do a better job of living out what we claim to believe, many of the problems facing our society today could be impacted for the better.

The church today faces the challenge of living out and defending the Biblical World on which western culture was founded. Throughout the book, Mr. Colson provides insight as to how we can go about this.

Under the heading Restoring Moral Sanity, Mr. Colson outlines three things that can be done to bring positive change to America. They are:

  1. “Address the urgent need for our lawmakers and judges to pass and interpret state and national laws in conformance with natural law.” Colson makes the case that law “separated from its moral moorings becomes tyranny.”
  2. “Christians must contend for the Biblical worldview in the economic marketplace.” “Scripture endorses concepts like private property, contract rights, rule of law, and the discharge of debts – all essential to free markets.
  3. “Christian must find a new way of communicating the vital necessity of adhering to absolute moral and ethical standards.”

The last chapter in the book describes some examples of individuals and communities of believers who have take seriously the call to live out their faith in radical ways.

This book provides food for thought for anyone who takes seriously the call to live out our faith in a world that is increasingly hostile to belief. Mr. Colson presents what is at stake and provides ideas on how to respond. This book would be good at stimulating discussion in a Sunday School class or book study group.