Corrective Cultural Lens

cultural lens I had the opportunity to listen to a podcast of an interview with Mark Eckel while driving to my first appointment this morning. You can find this podcast and other information about Mark Eckel by clicking on this link.

Of the many good things that Mark said, I was struck by one in particular. He mentioned in passing that Scripture is a lens by which we can view the world. I like that word picture.

As a result of the entry of sin into the world, we are out of harmony with God, our world, our fellow humans and ourselves. This brings about a skewed view of the world. We do not have the correct perspective to see things correctly. We need a corrective lens to see clearly. We have such a lens in Scripture.

It is as I interact with Scripture that I begin to see things clearly. Through the Bible, God reveals himself to me and as that relationship deepens, he uses Scripture to teach me about myself and my world. By increasing my understanding of Scripture, I am increasing true knowledge of myself and the world around me.

Without my eyeglasses, I cannot read what is on the computer screen as I write. Without Scripture, I cannot understand myself or my culture. I thank God and acknowledge my dependence upon both.

Cue Johnny Nash singing “I can see clearly now . . . .”