On holy heartburn

A peron reading the Bible

We should be reading with expectation of learning how our involvement in the story will change us. We should be reading with expectation of learning the extent of God’s love for us. We should be reading with the expectation of getting a glimpse of what we will become when God finishes his work in us.

We should be reading with expectation of holy heartburn.

There is a way that seems right to a man

These verses should also inform us that because of our inclination to go wrong, a healthy dose of self-doubt regarding our ability to understand and apply the Bible is advisable. Our first parents displayed the ability to distort what God said and if we are honest, we will admit that we share this with them. It is our nature to hear what we want to hear and avoid the rest.

The Bible App Project

Bible App Project

There are plenty of Bible apps already out there, and some very cool ones I might add. However we’re going to provide something a little different and provide a different spin on them. Among the different types of apps we’ll have are prayer tools and games. We feel like the mobile app community is lacking some powerful religious apps. The mobile world is growing larger each day and we don’t want religion to get left out!

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