Dr. Luke Investigates

Dr. Luke InvestigatesOur pastor is preaching through the Gospel of Luke on Sunday Mornings. During the sermon yesterday a thought struck me.

Luke was a physician which is why he sometimes gives very detailed descriptions of the infirmities of those who came to Jesus for healing.

The “aha” moment for me yesterday was when I realized that while gathering information for his Gospel, Luke would have had opportunity to interview some of those who had been healed by Jesus. The physician got to follow in the footsteps of the Master Physician and catalog the healings that took place.

I can appreciate the skill involved when listening to a master musician play or sing. But someone who has more training and skill can derive even more enjoyment out of hearing that same performance. His advanced training allows him to better appreciate the quality of the performance.

Luke, being a physician, perhaps was more astonished at the number and quality of the healings than those who do not fully appreciate the effects of disease.

I wonder if Luke walked away from his interviews with Jesus’ former patients saying, “how cool is that?”