Even the King

Copyright: lenm / 123RF Stock Photo

This morning I read Psalm 14. Verse 7 grabbed my attention when David says,

Oh, that Israel’s deliverance would come from Zion!

David is the King. He is the head honcho. He is the top dog. His word is law.

But even David, who had the power to affect anything in the life of his country, understood that someone bigger than himself had to come if all was to be made right.

This encourages me when I am frustrated about my circumstances and my response to them. I can be just as petty and snarky as everyone else in my workplace. I am prone to complain. I am prone to whine. Too often than I would like to admit, my response is not healthy, nor is it indicative of one who has a strong confidence in a God who loves him.

There are two lessons I learn from the verse I quoted above:

  1. If David, as king, felt the need of supernatural help, I should not be surprised by my own sense of helplessness in many situations.
  2. I am encouraged by the hopeful expectation expressed by David. David expects that deliverance will come, it is only a question of when.

You and I can look forward to the day when Jesus returns and sets everything right (including you and I).

Maranatha! (Our Lord, Come!)