Lightning Bugs, Smiles and a Loving Creator

I woke up early this morning and looked out the window. The lightning bugs (fireflies for those of you who live outside of Pennsylvania) were putting on a spectacular show. There were more flashes than a Super Bowl halftime show, without the old guys singing or wardrobe malfunctions.

I am thankful that our Creator made lightning bugs. They are unnecessary but enjoyable. I remember as a boy, catching them, putting them in jars and watching the jar as I fell asleep in my bedroom. I think that God delights in children enjoying the chase and capture of these bugs.

For those of you who deny God I ask what evolutionary purpose do lightning bugs serve? Why would blind chance come up with something that is so entertaining and beautiful? Do you really want to attribute them to an impersonal force?

Lightning bugs speak to me of a loving Creator that wants us to be delighted with his Creation. The humor and beauty that he infuses into creation are like bread crumbs that are to lead us on the trail to himself. Lightning bugs are like getting a note from God, saying “I hope you enjoy these, I made them just for you.”

May we never grow too old to take delight in lightning bugs.