Some links to consider – 8/13/2014

LInkMost of the stuff I read on the internet I get through RSS subscriptions and I use Feedly to scan through the list of posts and determine which I will read.

In the past, when I found an article or post that I like, I would post links to that article on social media. I’m rethinking that strategy and am planning to occasionally post a list of articles that speak to the issues that the church is facing, theological discussion or other topics that could be helpful to the readers of Attempts at Honesty. This is the first such post.

The idea behind doing this is to give readers a chance to see articles that they might miss in their social media streams.

Some Links to Consider

Marc Cortez writes on the need to write something new.

Thomas Rauchenstein gives us three pitfalls for the Christian apologist to avoid.

J. Warner Wallace tells us what Criminal Trials Teach Us About Objective Moral Truth.

Kenn Mann writes about Christianity in the public square.

Greg Koukl provides a video post answering the question, Would It Be Ethical for a Christian to Work in a Casino?