Livefyre Comment System on Attempts at Honesty

Update from September 2015. I am back to using Disqus. What drove this change is my desire to discontinue the use of the Jetpack plugin. I was using only 30% to 40% of the modules in Jetpack and figured that this blog would be more efficient if I added trusted plugins for the functionality that I need. So to replace Jetpack comments I went with Disqus. The reason I chose Disqus over returning to Livefyre is the simplicity of the interface.

LivefyreMost of the time the changes I make to Attempts at Honesty are minor ones that (to my knowledge) don’t affect the user experience very much. This week I made a change that might be an exception to this. I transitioned from the native WordPress comment system to using the Livefyre comment system.

My point in writing this post is to ask readers to take a minute to write a comment using the new system and give me feedback as to the difficulty of doing so. Is it cumbersome? Will the system make it more likely or less likely that you will leave a comment in the future?

In the past, I tried the Disqus comment system which is what many big name bloggers use. I liked the system but found that it drastically increased my page load speed and forced people to create a Disqus account before they could comment. Because of these two issues, I searched around for another, better system.

I’m finding that with Livefyre, there is a slight increase in page load time, but it is hardly noticeable and the increased capabilities of Livefyre should provide ample reward for the slight increase in time.

One of the things I like about this system is that it integrates with the major social media platforms which may translate to increased traffic. We’ll see . . .

But, please give the comment system a try and let me know how you like it. If the response is overwhelmingly negative, I can easily go back to the native WordPress comment system.