Is there more than one God?

Question 5Question 5 of the Westminster Shorter Catechism asks, “Is there more than one God?

The answer provided is, “There is only one, the living and true God.

At their core, all belief systems are exclusive. Even those who pride themselves on inclusivity are exclusive of those who believe that truth is exclusive. In other words, those who preach tolerance are often intolerant of those who believe in objective truth.

Christianity believes (because the Bible declares) that there is only one God. And as we learned yesterday in Question 4, there are specific things to be believed about that one God as revealed in the Bible.

He is the living and true God, despite those who have proclaimed his death. As Ravi Zacharias has pointed out, God always seems to outlive his pall bearers.

Not only is he living, he is true.

In the Old Testament, the test for one who claimed to speak for God was whether the proclamation came true. Any prophet who prophesied an event that did not happen was to be cut off from the nation of Israel. Because God is true, he takes truth very seriously.

But when we look at the number of fulfilled prophecies contained in Scripture we see that God has a track record for truth. He, and he alone is the true God.