Summer is over already?

Labor DayTraditionally, in the USA, Labor Day (the first Monday in September) marks the end of the summer vacation season. It is also the time when students go back to school and in this blogger get back to blogging.

We marked some significant events this summer.

We gained two sons-in-law this summer. In August, we had the privilege of seeing our two older daughters married to fine young men. Being of the male persuasion, I was less than enthusiastic about all the details leading up to the weddings (and requisite drama), but the weddings were wonderful events and I am happy for the new couples.

We also dropped our youngest daughter off for her first year of university study. It has been interesting to watch as she works through the process of discovering how her talents and desires relate to career choices (and selection of a major field of study).

We were able to tack on a few vacation days before and after the drop off, so we spent some time with our daughter and spend a few days decompressing after the very busy weeks that had just taken place.

So now I happily return to blogging. Hopefully, I am refreshed and ready for what God brings to us as we enter a new phase in life as empty nesters. It is still my plan to produce 2 or 3 posts per week which are designed to encourage you, the readers, to begin or deepen your relationship with God.

I hope you also had a great summer. Feel free to share some highlights from your summer in the comment section below. I’d love to hear about what is going on in your lives.