Sunset on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon

While on vacation, we arrived at the Grand Canyon just in time to see the sunset on the South Rim.

Sunset over the Grand CanyonWe had the privilege of experiencing a beautiful sunset of which the pictures taken with my inexpensive point-and-shoot camera do not do justice.

In reflecting upon this scene, I thought of the hundreds of thousands of sunsets over this canyon that have been at least as glorious as this one. We serve a God who cares enough to paint in such vivid colors, even when there is no-one there to appreciate them.

I am reminded of C. S. Lewis’ discussion in the Abolition of Man about the “Green Book.” In the discussion, Lewis takes on the notion that to describe such a sunset as beautiful merely speaks of my feelings about it but says nothing about the inherent quality of the sunset itself. He takes on the authors of the Green Book who state that feelings about the sunset are subjective and not objective.

I can understand why someone would want to take the position that the feeling of beauty or glory are merely subjective. If you ascribe the objective qualities of beauty or glory to a scene as pictured above, then those qualities point to someone who built those qualities into the scene. In other words, the painting points to the skill of the painter.

Those who refuse to acknowledge that there is a God who cares enough to paint such a picture on the sky must say that the scene is not glorious or beautiful by nature. They cannot ascribe any objective qualities to the scene.

This is a shame. By refusing to see the hand of God in such delights, they miss out on the highest level of enjoyment of such a scene. In a sense, the view is wasted on them. It is like taking a 3 year old to an art museum. The three year old can enjoy the ice cream but doesn’t care at all about the paintings.

Yet, is that sunset wasted that no man sees or appreciates? I think not. In Genesis 1, at the end of each day of creation, God viewed his work and declared it good. Even if you or I are too insensitive to appreciate His handiwork, God sees it and enjoys it.

God allows us to see it and enjoy it too. It is as if we get a glimpse of what is in store for us in eternity.

How cool is that?