The Idol of Perfectionism

I have been challenged to confront my tendency to hold a standard for myself that is unrealistic and idolatrous.

I have struggled with attempting to be perfect in some areas of my life.

What is wrong with holding a high goal?

I’m glad you asked.

The problem comes when I start avoiding people and activities because I might get feedback indicating that I’m not doing such a great job in the area in which I seek to be perfect.

I doubt that I am alone in this. In the best tradition of beams and specks (Matthew 7:3-5), I have seen this speck in the eyes of others despite the beam in mine.

The only solution is to confess this idolatry as sin and focus on what is really important. In Matthew 22:37-40 Jesus tells us that the two great commands are to love God and love the people around me. Anything that prevents me from accomplishing these commands is sin, period, no exceptions.

I choose to give up the illusion of perfection. I choose to give up the idea that I can be above criticism.

Rather than seeking perfection, I choose to better listen for direction from my King and follow that direction, knowing that this will be best for all.

How are you doing? Anybody else wanna confess?