Where mercy and justice meet

Justice and MercyIn thinking about the idea of reconciliation between God and man, there are those who see a need for God to reconcile his justice with his mercy. The idea is that God’s justice is in conflict with his mercy and some middle ground must be agreed upon for reconciliation to take place.

But this comes from a faulty understanding of who God has revealed himself to be.

When Adam took that fateful bite, God did not look on with shock and begin wondering how he was going to fix this mess.

God had decided long before he created that the mess would be fixed by God. The solution to man’s failure was in place before man failed.

God does not have to reconcile his justice with his mercy because there was a plan in place from eternity to provide a means of reconciliation that is both perfectly merciful and perfectly just. It is the Cross of Christ that makes this possible. It is at the Cross of Jesus Christ that justice and mercy meet and neither is compromised.

Justice and mercy do not need to meet half way because God loved us enough to provide a means of fixing the mess we create. How cool is that?