Anticipating an Important Letter

How fast would you run to the mailbox if you knew that a personal letter from the President was waiting for you? Regardless of your political loyalties, to have such a letter would be an important occasion and you would have great anticipation as to how the letter will affect you.

While many of us believe God is the ultimate author of the Bible, if honest, we would admit that sometimes we take Scripture for granted. It is very easy to approach daily Bible reading as a task to be checked off.

There is something to be said for the discipline of doing a good thing even when we don’t feel like doing it. Discipline is important and will see us through when healthy tasks seem routine.

Yet, how much more would we get out of daily Bible reading if we keep in mind that the God who created the universe wants to speak to you (and me) directly through his word. It seems to me that any time we have opportunity to open the Bible should be a time of excitement and anticipation. We should anticipate being changed as a result with interacting with the living God. It should never be ho-hum.

I am reminded of a scene from the movie Luther which was released in 2003. One of my favorite scenes is when Luther is bringing his German Bible to Frederick the Wise (played by Sir Peter Ustinov). As Frederick is reaching for the Bible, his hands are trembling with anticipation. (Note that however historically inaccurate this scene is, I still like it)

Such should be my attitude. God has spoken, is speaking and will continue to speak in Scripture. I need only to reach out with fingers trembling in anticipation.