Giving God Crap | Till He Comes Blog

I love the flowchart (shown above) that Jeremy Myers included in his post on his Till He Comes blog. Check out the post by clicking the link: Giving God Crap | Till He Comes.

A man once confessed to a pastor that there was no way that God could love him since he had spent the night pouring out his anger at God. The pastor wisely told him that the Christian name for this activity is prayer.

In any relationship, we can’t maintain anger and maintain the relationship, either the anger or the relationship has to end. Yet, there is something freeing about being real with God. We all have junk in our lives, so why do we try to hide it?

The word confess in Greek literally means to say the same thing. In other words, confession is acknowledging to God what he already knows. Since God knows already, the best we can to is to give it to him to see how he will use it to his glory.

Thanks Jeremy for the post, even though the title triggers a reaction since I am a recovering legalist. . . . are we allowed to use the “C” word in a Christian blog?