I always let the Lord Guide me

AlwaysIn Psalm 16, David says “I have set the Lord continually before me” (verse 8, NASB).

Perhaps that is the solution to the problem I highlighted in my most recent post. If I keep the Lord continually before me, I suspect that I would be less likely to think or say inappropriate things.

The Christian Standard Bible says it a different way. They translate this phrase as “I always let the Lord guide me.”

The problematic words in these translations are “always” and “continually.” I find that I have lapses when I allow my pride to take over and I think (and too often say) stupid stuff.

As I write this, I am reminded that we are called to be disciples. The root meaning of discipline and disciple is to learn. Disciples have to learn to exercise discipline.

To exercise discipline is to learn a new way. It is to learn from our mistakes. Discipline takes conscious, continual effort.

So today, let’s resolve to follow David in letting the Lord guide us. Let us resolve to set the Lord continually on our minds.

I must also point out that for the Christian, the motivation for putting forth this effort is not fear of punishment, but love for our Savior. Love is a much better motivator and will carry us through when we fail, as we often do.