Some links to consider – 8/19/2014

Some links to articles I found interesting or helpful:

LInkChristianity Today published an article by Mark Noll on Our Changing Understanding of the Bible in America. You might be surprised at some of his findings.

In looking for a Tozer quote I found Treasures from Tozer which is worth perusing.

John Perkins tells us that The Sin of Racism Made Ferguson Escalate So Quickly.

J. Warner Wallace provides a summary of Principles for the reluctant use of deadly force. If those involved in Ferguson had followed these principles . . .

Chad gives some helpful advice on listening. He presents it in the context of apologetic ministry, but the principles apply in any context. Thanks to The Poached Egg for the link.

While on the subject of listening, maybe you want to check out this post in Church in a Circle.

Empires and Managers Blog provides a perspective on Guardians of the Galaxy.