Miles Stanford on Appropriating Blessing

“Let us cease laying down to the saints long lists of ‘conditions’ of entering into the blessed life in Christ; and instead, as the primal preparation for leading them into the experience of this life, show them what their position, possessions, and privileges in Christ already are. Thus shall we truly work with the Holy Spirit, and thus shall we have more, and much more abiding fruit of our labors among the people of God.” – Miles Stanford in The Green Letters

The Green Letters
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It is far too common for church leaders to intimate that spiritual blessing is conditioned upon proper behavior. While statements like, “if you give of yourself more, you will experience blessing” or “service is the way to fellowship” are often well meant, they¬†inadvertently¬†damage a believers rest in the promises of God.

The only condition for receiving God’s blessing is to be in Christ. I am blessed because of my relationship with Jesus Christ and it is upon this relationship alone that blessing is conditioned.

Miles Stanford
Miles Stanford

I may not act as if I am blessed. I may not perceive that I am blessed. But if I am in Christ, I am blessed none-the-less. No-one can take that blessing away.

The problem is that I need to remember that this blessing is mine and live as though it is mine. As Miles Stanford states above, I have position in Christ, I have possessions in Christ and I have Privileges in Christ. If you are in Christ they are your blessings also.

We don’t need to earn these blessings; We could not earn them if we tried.We simply need to live as though they are ours.

Because they are.