K. P. Yohannan on willingness to suffer

KP willing to sufferThis quotation is from Against the Wind, by K. P. Yohannan.

” . . . if you humble yourself and repent, saying, ‘Lord, my heart is cold. I am going after the things of the world. I am more concerned with my health and my comfort and my wife and kids than Your kingdom and Your people. Lord, I am more concerned about my comfort and future than the lost in the villages going to hell. Please forgive me, Lord. Would you change my heart?’ – I tell you, something amazing will happen inside of you. His anointing, grace and peace will enter your life, drawing you closer and closer to His side and changing your heart to be one that is willing to give whatever He asks because of your love for Him.

Follow in the footsteps of Christ. Be one who is willing to suffer.”