5 Reasons why I moved to self-hosted WordPress Blog

FiveIf you are reading this you found my new blog home. I’ve moved from WordPress.com to an external hosting service and thought I’d share the reasons why.

  1. Javascript – There are widgets that I’d like to add to my blog that contain Javascript that WordPress.com does not allow. This reduces the capabilities of my blog to interface with other sites.
  2. Search Engine Optimization – None of the SEO plugins for WordPress work with the WordPress.com web site. I’d like to optimize my blog for search engines to drive more traffic.
  3. Domain name control – I can control the domain name and can move to another hosting service if that becomes necessary.
  4. I get to work with the fantastic people at Davis Services Group who are now hosting my blog. I highly recommend using them if you are considering moving to a self-hosted blog.
  5. Overall control – WordPress.com or blogger.com are great ways to start blogging, but with a self-hosted blog, you are only limited by technical feasibility and not by policy decisions.

Feel free to comment about other advantages that I’ve not thought of. I’d also appreciate feedback on the usability of this blog and any suggestions for improvement.