Isn’t it ironic?

In a recent Washington Post article detailing a video message to the NARAL Pro-Choice America annual dinner, President Obama is quoted as saying,

“This is a country where the success of all of us depends on the empowerment of each of us, where all Americans should have the freedom and opportunity to reach their potential. And I know that’s what you’re fighting for every day.”

I wonder if I am the only one that sees the irony in this statement. Our success as a nation depends on individual empowerment, but abortion takes away the rights and power of the most helpless constituent, the unborn children.

While on the surface we are more civilized than ancient nations who practiced child sacrifice, the net result is the same. We sacrifice our children to appease the gods of convenience and success. We don’t have to bang drums to drown out the children’s screams so perhaps the death we deal is more tolerable, but the result is the same.

The point of this post is not political. It matters little if there is an R or a D behind the names of our politicians. We, as a society, do not have the moral outrage at this miscarriage of justice. Like the duped Germans in the 1930’s, we turn a blind eye. Our politicians give us what we want, the freedom to exercise a choice that is not ours to make. We apparently never learned the lesson that two wrongs do not make a right.

Politicians like our President, see abortion supporters as just another constituency, one more voting block which needs to be secured. They pander to the group that can secure the next election. Unfortunately, the unborn cannot vote and therefore have no voice.

Like the culture around them, these politicians have tossed away their moral compass to allow them the freedom of being lost. That freedom comes at a high cost. I agree with the President’s statement. The success of the country does depend on the empowerment of each of us. The problem is that he forgot that the unborn children are included in “each of us.”

Until those unborn children are given the opportunity to reach their potential the success mentioned by our President will continue to elude us.

Isn’t it ironic?