Psalm 43:3 – Light and Truth

Psalm 43:3 (ESV)

3 Send out your light and your truth;
let them lead me;
let them bring me to your holy hill
and to your dwelling!

LightAs I read this verse this morning, I was reminded of Jesus’ claim to be the light of the world found in John 8:12, 9:5 and 12:46.

Since this is an election year, I am bombarded by political “debate” on the internet and radio. I am by nature somewhat cynical about politics and political debate. I struggle to believe that either of the major parties in America are seeking truth and light. I believe that they are both seeking power and will use whatever truth helps them to achieve their desire. Hence the need for “spin” and “spin doctors.” In the end truth is the biggest casualty and chaos the result.

Both parties seem to think that the light is only to be used to expose their opponents’ foibles.  As a result we have “attack ads” to get the public to vote against the opponent.

In the midst of all this we are called to stand for the truth and lovingly shed light on what is really going on. What is really going on is that we have a government which seeks to be independent of God and his principles. The only source of information that is excluded from the debate is the Bible.

The time is coming when the true Church, the invisible Church within the organized church, will be forced to stand up and make a stand for Truth, for Jesus Christ. When this happens, it will be then that light and truth will be displayed for all to see and those who choose to follow will be brought to the dwelling of God and God’s holy hill.

One of the unfortunate problems with democracy is that we get the government we deserve. When we elect knuckleheads we get knuckleheaded laws. Corruption breeds corruption. We want to believe the lies and then feign shock when we discover them to be lies.

All this to say that the church better not look to the political process to solve the problems facing our country and our world. Jesus said it succinctly when referring to the blind leading the blind, which is what the political process offers at present.

What the Church needs to do is individually and collectively fall on our face before God and admit that we have willingly disobeyed the two great commands and have not placed God above all. Our great need is for spiritual revival which begins in individuals being willing to submit to God and allow him to revive their hearts. It is only then that the Church can be the light that the world sorely needs.

What the world does not need is a sanitized “Christianized” version of humanism which much of the church has offered in my lifetime.