Share your favorite Bible Verse

Update: Attempts at Honesty is no longer using Livefyre or Sidenotes for comments. This change was made for several reasons; the main reason is the negative effect Livefyre had on page load speed. Also, Livefyre limited commenting to those who are willing to create a Livefyre account and Livefyre controls all the comments. I’d rather have the control within my own domain.

LivefyreIn the spirit of testing out the new commenting system, I thought I would challenge the readers of Attempts at Honesty to use the comment system to share their favorite Bible verse (you can have more than one).

Please leave a comment in the box below that tells us your favorite verse and why it is your favorite verse (what it means to you). For those who are reading this post by email, the title of the post is a hot link that will take you to the post on the web where you will be able to add a comment.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you. We will all be encouraged by your responses. Also, I would ask that you share this post with others to solicit their responses. It is always fascinating to me to hear how God’s Word speaks to people.