Spiritual CPR – No Insurance Required

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CPRI lost my job.  For clarity, I lost my job but I wasn’t unemployed.  Yes. Seriously.

I have been a public servant for more than 25 years.  In that time, I worked my way up from a receptionist position to being Division Director with a team of 15 professionals.  Quite an accomplishment for a number of reasons that aren’t important for this piece.

What is important is that I had it ALL.  I had been a practicing Christian since my youth.  My faith was growing.  My relationship with God was solid.  I had a great income.  My children, though typical teenagers, were doing well.  All the boxes were checked.  Life was sweet UNTIL a mistake at work was made on my watch.  The bottom fell out of my life.  My heart figuratively stopped beating and God began to perform Spiritual CPR in order to save my life.

While searching the scriptures for an answer to my dilemma, in walks the “certain ruler” mentioned in Luke 18:18-23.  The ruler had all the right boxes checked in his life.  He had everything in life he thought he wanted.  He kept the Law of Moses from his youth.  But he wanted to know how he could obtain eternal life.  The ruler came to Jesus and asked how he could get eternal life.

When Jesus told him that keeping the Law of Moses was good, however he needed to sell all that he had, give his money to the poor, pick up his cross and follow Him [Jesus].  The ruler’s heart stopped, metaphorically speaking, because he walked away sad because he was very wealthy.  Clearly the ruler considered all that he had.  Thought about what he would lose and determined that eternal life was too costly.

Jesus wanted to perform Spiritual CPR.  The ruler’s possessions occupied a place in his heart where Jesus wanted to take up residence and build a deep relationship with him.  He wanted to set things in order for the ruler.  Just as He wanted to do with me.

I reluctantly submitted to the process.  It was touch and go there for nearly a year.  It wasn’t until I saw that Jesus was trying to do for me what He had attempted to do with the ruler . . . set things in order and develop a deeper relationship with me.

More than two years later, I have a deeper more fulfilling relationship with Jesus Christ.  I have a job although with far less pay but  it is also far less stressful than being a Division Director.  Dreams and visions that had long laid dormant have been reborn.  I’m now pursing those God-given dreams and visions.  I have amazing peace.  I have an abundance of joy.  My faith has been fortified.

Today you may be where the certain ruler and I were.  You’ve received some devastating news that has shaken the very ground under your feet.  You may even be questioning everything you thought you knew about God and life.  Take a moment and read Luke 18:18-23.  Look at my life.  Maybe it’s time for your Spiritual CPR thank God no insurance required.