Why I write Attempts at Honesty

Labor of LoveWe have gotten a decent amount of traffic so it appears that people are getting something out of reading these posts. With new readers discovering the blog all the time, I felt that it was necessary to articulate some thoughts about why I keep up the blog and some items that are not reasons that I do it.

First let me list some items that are not reasons why I keep up Attempts at Honesty:

  1. I do not write this blog to make money. The only real advertisement that is on the blog is for Covenant Eyes, and any revenue from that ad goes directly to my blog host, Davis Services Group, to offset the cost of hosting this blog.
  2. I do not write this blog because I am an authority on any aspect of Christian living. I’m fumbling through my Christian walk just like everyone else.
  3. I do not write this blog because I want to create controversy or disharmony. If anyone is to be offended by what I write, I hope that I have accurately reflected what Scripture says and it is Scripture by which they are offended.
  4. I do not write this blog because I have lots of time on my hands and little else to do.

Here are some reasons I do maintain the blog:

  1. I have a sense of calling to be used by God to point to the Cross and bring people into deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. I find that writing is a good way for me to work out my thoughts about the various issues and Scriptural observations.
  3. These posts are a good reminder to me of lessons that I’ve learned and constantly need to keep in mind. In many of these posts, I am preaching to myself and letting others listen in.
  4. I want to encourage others who feel that they don’t measure up to the standard that their church seems to promote. The one central truth is that none of us measure up on our own. The only holiness we have is given to us by Jesus (2 Cor. 5:21).
  5. I want to be encouraged by the responses of people (whether they agree or disagree) and provide a place of dialog so that we all can come to a better understanding of The Truth.
  6. I want to provide a forum for others who are interested in giving blogging a try to see if it something that they would like to pursue. If you are interested in doing this, see the guest post guidelines.

The bottom line is that Attempts at Honesty has been a labor of love to which I am committed as time allows.

After reading this, if you have any thoughts or feedback, I’d love to hear it.

Keep pressing on (Phil. 3:14) . . .