William Barclay on the Dreams of Men

Dreams“Jesus is the answer to the dreams of men. It is true that so often men do not see it so. They see the answer to their dreams in power, in wealth, in material plenty, and in the realization of the ambitions which they cherish. But if ever men’s dreams of peace and loveliness, and greatness and satisfaction, are to be realized, they can find their realization only in Jesus Christ.”

We have ample evidence that power, wealth and ambition do not bring lasting satisfaction, but yet we seem to be continually drawn to them. Our dreams are too small if that is what we think will satisfy.

On the flip side, we see evidence of those who find their satisfaction in Jesus Christ who are able to withstand persecution and deprivation with grace and, at times, joy.

I am encouraged to shape my dreams with Jesus Christ at the center of them.