Farewell to a neighbor: Four lessons I learn from his death


The unexpected sadness at the death of a problematic neighbor prompts four observations concerning his life and death. He was a pain when he was alive, but I am surprised that at hearing the news of his death I am more sad than relieved. Read on to discover why.

Thoughts prompted by Ed Stetzer on the Death of Christopher Hitchens

Recently I sat next to a well dressed man on an airplane. I engaged in some small talk with him while everyone was getting seated. I had noticed an Ohio State logo on his cell phone so we discussed his excitement about Urban Meyer taking over the football program. As he sat down, he  pulled … Read more

To death and beyond . . .

Perhaps it is only my warped sense of humor, but this strikes me as funny. The Pharisees preferred Lazarus dead rather than have him there to challenge their beliefs. The Pharisees, who thought themselves a light to the nation, could not tolerate the presence of one whose very existence was a critique of their life and practice.

The Illusion of Security Apart from Christ


Security is Elusive   It is in the best interest of politicians and merchants to maintain the illusion of security. They tell us that if we elect the right person or party into office, if we invest properly, if we follow the prescribed diet, if, if, if . . . then we will experience security. … Read more

A Celebration of Death? – Response to the Death of Osama Bin Laden

The announcement of the death of Osama Bin Laden reminded me of a post originally published in February of this year. I have taken the text from that post and added additional comments below. February 2, 2011: As we toured the Colosseum  in Rome, the guide  described the events that were staged in that structure … Read more