Social media and the need for validation

Twitter Follow Me Bird

I read a where a social media guru recently said something to the effect of, “there are two types of people involved in social media, those who want more followers and those who are lying about it.” With the advent of social media, there is a danger in finding our validation in follower counts. Where should our validation come from?

Farewell to a neighbor: Four lessons I learn from his death


The unexpected sadness at the death of a problematic neighbor prompts four observations concerning his life and death. He was a pain when he was alive, but I am surprised that at hearing the news of his death I am more sad than relieved. Read on to discover why.

Christianity’s Image Problem

This morning I read an article entitled Christianity’s Image Problem which prompted some thoughts. Because we live out the Christian life imperfectly, we give non-believers plenty of opportunities to criticize our hypocrisy. Matt Appling, the author of the article, brings this out in his post. Christianity has an image problem because of Christians. This is … Read more