Archives for May 2012

An ordinary guy involved in extraordinary things

Joseph as an ordinary guy. Because he did the right thing, he was used by God to accomplish something extraordinary. We have the same opportunity be used by God.

Truth – the antidote to shame

Christians are to be followers of the Truth. Truth dispels shame and as a result, shame should not be a part of any church culture.

Holy Sonnet XIV by John Donne

Holy Sonnet XIV by John Donne has been on my mind this week. I thought I should share it with you without commentary.

An open letter to NBC – No more “America’s Got Talent” for me, thank-you

“America’s Got Talent” pushed me closer to disconnecting my cable service. NBC has proved that they cannot be trusted to determine what is appropriate for me or my family.

Why the leadership movement is leaving your church leadersless – Mike Breen

A link to an excellent post by Mike Breen on church leadership which is worth the time to read.

Power and authority in the church – Choose who is in control

Herod was giving an opportunity to choose to submit to the ultimate authority. Similarly, church leaders must choose who is in control. Some choose well and others badly. The choice has serious consequences.

The blessing of persecution

Scripture is clear that sometimes the righteous will suffer persecution. In this Beatitude Jesus assures us that when this happens we are blessed.