The Bible App Project

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Bible App ProjectMaking mobile more inspirational.  That is our mission.

Today is an exciting day for us at  We are officially making our push to become the largest mobile developer for religious themed mobile apps.  We want to provide inspirational and entertaining apps that also includes the message of the Lord.  We want to expand religious offerings on a digital platform.

Today is special for us because we’re launching our Kickstarter campaign.  We’re trying to raise enough funds so we can create 5 religious apps over the next few months.  We are going to provide these on iPhone, iPad and Android.

There are plenty of Bible apps already out there, and some very cool ones I might add.  However we’re going to provide something a little different and provide a different spin on them.  Among the different types of apps we’ll have are prayer tools and games.  We feel like the mobile app community is lacking some powerful religious apps.  The mobile world is growing larger each day and we don’t want religion to get left out!

We want to make religion more fun.  We want people to carry religious tools and entertainment around with them wherever they go.  We want to provide people small doses of joy at their leisure.

All of our apps will be free to download and be fully functional.  We will also include upgrade options and in-app purchases which will offer additional content, which of course is not required to enjoy the free version on the app.

If you have time please see our site at  We are also announcing our Kickstarter campaign today , this is needed to raise the funds in order to create our 5 mobile apps.  In addition we created an amazing video which explains our goal.  The video is something we put significant work into and are extremely proud of.  If you have 3 minutes to watch it you can see it here on our Kickstarter page.

Thank you so much and we hope to be on your mobile phones soon!