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Toward being a peacemaker

John Lennon called us to give peace a chance. Jesus calls us to be peacemakers. How do we accomplish this? What does a peacemaker look like?

The rejection of a made-up God

Too often, it is a caricature of Christianity that is rejected. I suspect that this is the case as I react to an article in the Huffington Post Religion section. This is a call to make an informed choice.

Water, chisel or dynamite? Choosing the right tool to drive change

For effective change to take place in an organization, the leader must understand the needs of the organization and select the proper tool to drive that change. The analogy of using water, a chisel or dynamite to change rock provides some insight as to the proper speed and amount of change that is needed.

Beware the leaven . . . thoughts on contemplative prayer

Contemplative prayer has become a hot topic. My concern is that by applying labels and generalities we miss an opportunity to learn and grow. The danger is that we throw out the wheat along with the chaff.

Martyn Lloyd-Jones on True Christians and the Sermon on the Mount

A comment made by Martyn Lloyd-Jones in the introduction to a collection of his sermons on the Sermon on the Mount is still relevant today. We need to be honest about the Church’s failures, repent and begin again.

Toward the conquest of fear

A famous quotation of FDR tells us that we have nothing to fear except fear itself. Does the Bible support this? Can I live without fear? If so, how?

Teaching Evolution in the Church?

This post is a reaction to Paul Wallace’s article in the Huffington Post as to why he teaches evolution in the church. There are some underlying assumptions that need to be examined and this post is an attempt to do so.